Chapter 17: The Final Video


Hi there!

This video tells a story about not only a first generation student advocate but also a student whom is a first generation student herself. Her name is Kacie Kubosumi and she is here at Washington State University perusing one major and two minors.

This is supposed to be an informative video. She holds a seat on the ASWSU senate and just recently passed a resolution in support of first generation students. Which is super awesome!

This video is also supposed to be inspirational. You are viewing a woman who is super active in our community and who strives to make a better environment for students all around her. If another first generation student were to see this, I hope that it would give them hope that they can do exactly what she is doing. If it doesn’t do that for them, then I hope it at least makes them even more proud to be a first generation student.

My inspiration from this project came from knowing how hard she works for students just like me and her.

I choose to record Kacie in places around campus because I thought it was the best fitting environment. We recorded at the Holland Terrell library, the Smith Center for Undergraduate Education, the mall, and the Delta Delta Delta sorority house. I also included her interacting with other students and professors to try and instill a since of connection to people and push the point of her caring about others across.

I used the ten second rule with just about every video I shot. This was to make sure I had the best video possible. One technical problem I had using the adobe software was that it kept automatically zooming in on all my footage. I had to go into the video effects for each one and zoom out to make it look better. For my final draft, I added new video footage and also rearranged some of the different videos so they made more sense. The video now ends with Kacie walking home which completes the story since the video started with her leaving home! I also added a title at the beginning and end while implementing the dip to black feature and the cross dissolve effect.

I’m thankful we learned about audition beforehand because I used that to create the voice over.

For my final video, I changed the song. I didn’t entirely like Ascona and didn’t think it fit well so for my final I used a song called Wings by Nicolai Heidlas, which I am allowed to use under the Creative Commons law. I found this song at

Overall, Im very proud of not only this video but also all the hard work Kacie has done to improve the lives of all first gen students here at Washington State and I hope you are, too. GO COUGS!


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