Chapter 16: Rough Draft

Hi there!

This video tells a story about not only a first generation student advocate but also a student whom is a first generation student herself. Her name is Kacie Kubosumi and she is her at Washington State University perusing one major and two minors.

This is supposed to be an informative video. She holds a seat on the ASWSU senate and just recently passed a resolution in support of first generation students. Which is super awesome!

This video is also supposed to be inspirational. You are viewing a woman who is super active in our community and who strives to make a better environment for students all around her. If another first generation student were to see this, I hope that it would give them hope that they can do exactly what she is doing but if it doesn’t do that for them, then I hope it at least makes them even more proud to be a first generation student.

My inspiration from this project came from knowing how hard she works for students just like me and her.

I choose to record Kacie in places around campus because I thought it was the best fitting environment. We recorded at the Holland Terrell library, the Smith Center for Undergraduate Education, the mall, and the Delta Delta Delta sorority house. I also included her interacting with other students and professors to try and instill a since of connection to people and push the point of her caring about others across.

I used the ten second rule with just about every video I shot. This was to make sure I had the best video possible. One technical problem I had using the adobe software was that it kept automatically zooming in on all my footage. I had to go into the video effects for each one and zoom out to make it look better.

Im thankful we learned about audition beforehand because I used that to create the voice over. I also used the Ascona sound tract, which I do not own the rights to but am able to utilize for this video.

Overall, Im very proud of not only this video but also all the hard work Kacie has done to improve the lives of all first gen students here at Washington State and I hope you are, too. GO COUGS!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Rough Draft

  1. I like the way your post introduced the first generation student concept and the story about Kacie. I learned a lot from the story Kacie told. The way you used your shots of Kacie on campus and with friends narrated her voice with music showed how active she is and willing to be involved and kept me engaged and wanting to know more. Showing shots of the mall, library and other places on campus also illustrated Kacie’s comfort in navigating WSU. I could really relate to her highlighting the importance of community and feeling like you belong on campus. I found your draft story to be informative.

    Adding a couple of brief interviews of Kacie talking more about the first generation student resolution, or the WSU organizations and clubs helpful for a first generation student could help the viewer get to know her and feel her dedication in a more relaxed way (as opposed to a rehearsed monologue). A graphic listing helpful organizations and info about getting involved in ASWSU would be helpful for students wanting to get involved. Overall, I found your video to be very informative. You are off to a great start!


  2. First off I would just like to start by saying that I think your topic idea is very inspiring and eye opening. I have three older brothers and two of them have already graduated from college so it is really cool to see another perspective from a person’s separate walk of life. I also believe you and you’re friend are quite brave for doing a topic or project like this. Not that it is bad in any way, it is just always a little nerve racking, at least for me for cameras to be surrounding me in such a personal way but regardless I admire both of yalls courage.
    One of the only critiques I have for this video however is that the background music is a little too loud for me. I do believe it is necessary to have the background music in there, but it can sometimes be a little too distracting for me and drown out the important message that she is trying to get across in the video. Great video overall.


  3. First, like my peers I think the topic you chose is very inspiring, interesting and gives you a lot to work with. I personally am not a first generation student, so that story is not one that I am familiar with. I think that your shots are very well put together and there appears to be a lot of forethought and planning in all of the elements of your video and it shows because the video flows really smooth and seamlessly. I think the shots of Kacie laughing, walking around campus, and in the library (for example) and her narrating her own voice over really help the video feel more authentic and it feels really personal. I think that if the purpose of this video was to be inspirational then you succeeded. I was genuinely intrigued and interested in watching. One thing I would say to help this video is that I do agree that the background music was a little too loud. Maybe fading the music down when she starts talking and fade it back up when she is done talking would help the volume level stay a little more consistent throughout the video. Other than that there isn’t really much that stuck out to me as needed fixing. I feel like this is a very refined draft and you have very little to do to this video to refine it. Good Job!


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