Chapter 15: Raw Footage

Hi there!

Here is the story board for my project!

A Day in a First Generation College Students Life

Visual Elements Audio Elements
0:00-0:15 (15 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie waking up with the text, “A day in the life of a first generation college student.” On the screen. (First 7 seconds with music right away, talking cuts in about first 3 seconds)


–       Video of: brushing teeth, fixing hair, putting on makeup, eating breakfast. (last 8 seconds are these shots- 2secs each)





*voice over with background music “Hi there. My name is Kacie Kubosumi and I am a first-generation college student. This means I am the first person in my family to be attending a university…
0:15-0:20 (5 Seconds)

–       Video of Kacie packing up backpack and leaving room




“About 40% of the freshmen class coming into Washington State are first generation students just like me…”
0:20-0:25 (5 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie walking out the door and onto campus


Part 3

“Statistics also state that if a student doesn’t find community on their campus, they are more likely to not stay at that university…
0:25-0:35 (10 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie standing on the mall *face on angle, two side views (all about 3 seconds)

Part 4

“I am working towards ensuring that no student ever feels like they don’t belong here… I am working towards helping first generation students to see that they have a place here at Washington state…
0:35-0:45 (10 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie walking to the senate office


Part 5

“I am a voice for first generation students on this campus while serving on ASWSU as a senator. I just passed a resolution in support of first generation students on this campus. I am fighting for a mentorship program for them as well…
0:45-1:15 (30 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie in class listening to a professor lecture, taking notes

–       Video of Kacie collaborating with classmates

–       Video of Kacie getting up and leaving the class room and the CUE

–       Video of Kacie perusing the library stacks

Part 6



“Because being a first generation student means so much more than the title can tell you..

It means paving the way for your family and showing your siblings that they can get a higher education. It means not knowing what’s happening and being afraid to ask for help. It means not knowing about very many resources on a campus. It means that you must figure a lot of things out on your own like how to buy text books or how to study for college level exam because your parents can’t really help you. It means that your family doesn’t truly understand the things you are going through no matter how hard they try.

1:15-1:20 (5 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie perusing the library stacks


Part 7

“But I will not let any of these things hold me back. And I am determined to tear down these obstacles for those that follow in my path”
1:25-1:30 (5 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie walking into house and talking with peers


Part 8

“Because the only voice these students have is their own, and that voice is crucial to developing their success. So therefore, I am dedicated to making sure they know their voices are heard, and listened to”

1:30-1:40 (10 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie washing face, lying in bed thinking, then abruptly sitting up, turning on the light, and taking notes


Part 9

“So, I will never stop advocating for those around me and those who will come after me”
1:40-1:45 (5 seconds)

–       Video of Kacie in same spot as opening shot


Part 10

“My name is Kacie and I am a first-generation college student. This means a lot of different things, but most importantly, it means I am making my own path, day by day.”

Here are the two raw footage clips that I will be using in my video!


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