Chapter 18: The Final Post

Hi there!

Im sad to say that this semester is coming to an end. Making the blog and participating in Com 210 has been one of my favorite things thus far in college.

I have spent the entire semester working on the topic of First Generation college students. This topic has a special place in my heart for many reasons; one of them being that I am a first generation college student. Another reason being because I got the opportunity to work with other first generation students and it was truly inspiring.

My favorite project that we did this semester was our final project, the video. I liked working with Illustrator and learning all that you can do with design but the video was different. It was more personally and it gave my viewers an opportunity to see a first generation students perspective. I think that had a huge emotional impact. It didn’t feel like work when I was filming, it just felt like we were doing good stuff and educated people around us. It was inspiring. That’s why it was my favorite.

I have never used Audition or Premiere. Some skills I learned with these programs were how closely they tie together. I learned how to edit sounds and make things more pleasing to the ear for the listener in audition. I also learned how to make a quality video that had solid transitions and a good story in premiere. These skills are valuable for anyone who is interested in working on making videos. You make a solid foundation with the sound and then you can make a great video. Without one, the other just wouldn’t be as good. These skills are something I will always remember.

I hope to one day become a nurse an also to coach our hometown softball team. I know, you think, “what is she going to do with her knowledge of adobe software in nursing?” Well, there is so much time before that and I have already began using the skills I have learned in this class.

I designed a T-shirt in illustrator and entered into a contest here at WSU for the freshman Alive! shirt. I won that contest! I wouldn’t have ever been able to make this shirt without the background knowledge that I learned in this course. I am even currently working on a promotional video for my scholarship here at WSU with audition and premiere! In the future, I hope to volunteer for the softball program back home while I am working as a nurse. With the softball program, I can use my videoing skills now to make sports videos on how to help with batting and fielding skills!

Overall, I can say this class has been one of the most fun classes I have ever taken here at Washington State. It has taught me so much and I have retained a lot of information. I hope that all of my viewers have been touched by my First Generation topic and my story.

Just know, whether you are a first generation student or even a normal student here at WSU, you have a place and you will do great things.

Until next time!

Go Cougs!


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