Chapter 12: The Final Audio

Hi there!

For this project, I decided to make a promotional audio clip for first generation students encouraging them to pick to attend Washington State University. I can imagine this being played either on a podcast or a radio commercial. It could also even be a voice over on a YouTube video of students here at WSU walking around, shopping, etc.

What inspired me to do this type of audio was when I was watching a leadership speech online that was just audio with pictures. It sent a powerful message without any moving parts. I wanted to do something just like that. Each line is a line that a student has done, experienced, or have felt while being here at WSU. That’s some incredible stuff because any student can relate to the things they are saying, including non-first generation students.

I incorporated five different first generation students to help me with this project; Hannah Dunbar, Mallorie Jordan and Kacie Kubosumi, allwhom are juniors here at Washington State, Victoria Reeves and Andrea King, who are freshmen here. For my rough draft, I used a girl named Erin Miles, a freshman here, for a part of the recording. Unfortunately, her recording wasn’t the best quality so I had to rerecord her lines with Mallorie saying them.

I used a microphone app on my iPhone to record each of their voices. I learned that if you did a recording inside a more empty space, it sounded like an echo so while recording, we did it in my living room to prevent that from happening.

While recording this audio, I had each person say all their lines in one go then went back and used the razor tool and put them all in order. This is how you hear a rotation of voices. There was also a lot of silent space in between some parts of their words so I also used the razor tool to trim that out. Something else I did was I changed the volume of each different clip so they all sounded the same. For the fight song at the beginning and end, I used the fading tool and also increased and decreased the volume at the beginning and end. this is what caused the gradual transitions from each part.

My whole project is about first generation college students and I believe that this ties in perfectly because a lot of students can relate to the things they were saying in the audio and also the participants were first generation students themselves.

Overall, helping first generation students is something I am really passionate about. I hope this audio helps show some perspectives of first generation students here at WSU and encourages others to follow in their foot steps.


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