Chapter 11: Rough Draft

Hi there!

For this project, I decided to make a promotional audio clip for first generation students encouraging them to pick to attend Washington State University. I can imagine this being played either on a podcast or a radio commercial. It could also even be a voice over on a YouTube video of students here at WSU walking around, shopping, etc.

What inspired me to do this type of audio was when I was watching a leadership speech online that was just audio with pictures. It sent a powerful message without any moving parts. I wanted to do something just like that. Each line is a line that a student has done, experienced, or have felt while being here at WSU. That’s some incredible stuff because any student can relate to the things they are saying, including non-first generation students.

I incorporated five different first generation students to help me out with this project; Hannah Dunbar, a junior, Victoria Reeves, Erin Miles, and Andrea King, all who are freshmen here at Washington State. My whole project is about first generation college students and I believe that this ties in perfectly because a lot of students can relate to the things they were saying in the audio and also the participants were first generation students themselves.

While recording this audio, I had each person say all their lines in one go then went back and used the razor tool and put them all in order. This is how you hear a rotation of voices. There was also a lot of silent space in between some parts of their words so I also used the razor tool to trim that out. Something else I did was I changed the volume of each different clip so they all sounded the same. For the fight song at the beginning and end, I used the fading tool and also increased and decreased the volume at the beginning and end. this is what caused the gradual transitions from each part.

Overall, helping first generation students is something I am really passionate about. I hope this audio helps show some perspectives of first generation students here at WSU and encourages others to follow in their foot steps.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Rough Draft

  1. Hey Haley,
    this is such an amazing audio story! By cutting up each interview and having it start with the same words helps your viewers understand what the main point of your video story is! This is something that is extremely unique which will help you stand out from all the other stories. I would work on making each interview have the same level of volume. Some people talk louder than others which throw your audience off. I think by making everyone’s interview be on the same level of volume, it will make the story smoother. Also, I love that your start and ending is the cougar fight song! However, I would make the clapping in your video a little softer because that loud sound effect is a little distracting. Overall, this is one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen and I think your final will draw people in and really connect to what you’re trying to get across!


  2. I really enjoyed how energetic you sounded during this interview! You seem very passionate and enthusiastic about what you are talking about, and that really stands out to the listeners. I like how you incorporated many different voices and sound clips of others besides yourself because it made the interview feel more relatable. By starting and ending the interview with the WSU fight song, it made it easier for the listeners to want to stay tuned into your audio. I would suggest re-recording a few parts because there was background noise that made some areas distracting. For example, in the beginning, I can hear slight laughter during the chant, and I could also hear papers rustling together during the middle part of the interview. I would also maybe incorporate an actual sound clip of the WSU fight song off of YouTube and replace your chant at the beginning and end. Besides these two minor suggestions, I thought you did a great job on this interview and I wanted to keep listening!


  3. I have now reviewed a couple of your assignments and I still really like your topic, where you are going with it, and how much it means to you! Your audio recording was fun to listen to and unique compared to others I have heard. What especially stood out out me that I liked was how you put together all five voices. This was a neat strategy that showed how your theme exists outside of yourself. I think this can help others realize how big of a deal being a first generation student is which is really important! My first suggestion would be to consider replacing your intro and outro with audio from the actual fight song. This would be an easy way to add another element to your project. Secondly, the audio levels are slightly uneven. Some of the clips are quieter than others and I think this easy fix would help out a lot. Keep up the good work!


  4. I do have to say that I like how you put the audio together and it makes sense after the beginning. I believe this style would work better as a video. At first I had no idea what was going on. I had to read your written portion to understand what was happening. My suggestion is to add something in the beginning saying what it is that you will be doing, demonstrating or what your message is. Over all I would say this was well done and I like the style. In this a great thing to bring the project together would be some inspirational music in the back ground to pump up the audience. Your video is strong but for a promotional audio/video, they need music to help the target audience feel. Doing this will make it more personal and heart felt bringing the cause together. With those things, your audio I believe will be great.


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