Chapter 8



When I started drafting this logo, I wanted to do something really creative and pleasing to the eye. My original logo wasn’t very complex and if we are being really honest, I would maybe call it boring.

I imagine this logo being a symbol for a first generation organization on campus with, “make your own path” being their slogan. This could be used on posters they make, videos they produce, and many other things.

I like how with the addition of color, this logo pops while also still remaining calm and simple. In the logo factory article we read, it talked about how simplicity is often difficult but sometimes the best option.

I truly got inspired from a drawing I drew my freshmen year here at Washington State. I actually have a tattoo of the arrow I drew on my ribs. The arrow head-on this logo is pointed up and this is significant becauseI I wanted to give off a motivational vibe of how things are only going to go up.

In our readings, one article on Drive Digital talked about telling a story. When you see my logo I feel like you see direction from the arrow, from the path wrapping around it, and now from the mountains.  This logo can’t ever really be out-dated with its nice simple make, which is also an important aspect of logos according to this article.

The path is a nice implementation to this logo because its subtle enough to where you notice it but it isn’t the most attention grabbing.

In my final draft another change I made was the text. My original text was stiff and not as fitting. I think this text fits my theme a lot better and makes the design look smoother.

Another change was I added some mountains behind the arrow. After talking with my TA, I saw that there was a lot of white space in the original design. I think the mountains fit perfectly into it. They also fit very well into my theme because mountains are often used for inspiration.

While making this logo, I paid really close to every detail in it and wanted to make a logo that could be used on many different platforms. Two big pieces I paid attention to were the mountain’s shading and the creation of the arrow. For the shading I used the paint brush with a special stroke which was kind of difficult because you couldn’t see what it looked like until after you let go of your mouse. This took a lot of time to make looked nice. For the arrow, there were a combination of many shapes required to make it. I am really please with the end result of both of these design aspects though! One of the five principles everyone should know about designing a logo included how important detail was.

Overall, I think this logo gives a simple and subtle vibe while also conveying a really motivational story.


One thought on “Chapter 8

  1. Well Haley, you make my job difficult trying to find areas of improvement in this logo because quite frankly it is, in my opinion, perfect. You do a great job of maintaining simplicity, as well as that iconic, recognizable look in your logo. You portray your knowledge of the software by implementing complex stroke themes with the hashed lines in the circle, and even show achievement in whatever tools you used to make the mountain range in the design. Very easy on the eyes and sensitive to the intellect. Great logo overall. However, for the sake of nit-pickery, something I might personally add is in accordance to the color and the font. The colors work well together but choosing more vibrant colors may make the logo stand out more. And in regards to the font, using one less cartoonish and more uniform would make for a pleasing visual experience because the font as it is sort of hard to read, with the soft gray coloring adding on doesn’t help all that much. Other than that I applaud your success and promote your progress as an exemplary Adobe Software user.


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