Chapter Seven: Draft Logo


When I started drafting this logo, I wanted to do something really creative and pleasing to the eye. I didn’t want anything too bright or too overwhelming because I was thinking that when this was used for promotion, it should be more about what they are promoting and not just the logo blaring out. With that being said though, I wanted to make sure that the logo would be recognizable even when used for different things.

I imagine this logo being a symbol for a first generation organization on campus with, “make your own path” being their slogan. This could be used on posters they make, videos they produce, and so many other things.

I really like the idea of this logo being either completely white on a dark background or completely black, like it is now, on a light background. That would still give it the contrast to pop while still being simple. Since a lot of elements are in the logo, I feel like the simplicity of the color really calms it down. In the logo factory article we read, it talked about how simplicity is often difficult but sometimes the best option.

I truly got inspired from a drawing I drew my freshmen year here at Washington State. I actually have a tattoo of an the arrow I drew on my ribs. The arrow head-on this logo is pointed up and this is significant becauseI I wanted to give off a motivational vibe of how things are only going to go up.

In our readings, one article on Drive Digital talked about telling a story. When you see my logo I feel like you see direction from the arrow and also from the path wrapping around it.  This logo can’t ever really be out-dated with its nice simple make, which is also an important aspect of logos according to this article.

The path is a nice implementation to this logo because its settle enough to where you notice it but it isn’t the most attention grabbing.

While making this logo, I paid really close to every detail in it and wanted to make a logo that could be used on many different platforms. One of the five principles everyone should know about designing a logo included how important detail was.

Overall, I think this logo gives a simple and subtle vibe while also conveying a really motivational story.


3 thoughts on “Chapter Seven: Draft Logo

  1. Wow this looks awesome! And also, congratulations on being the first in your family to attend college. That’s a huge accomplishment! I love the logo and I think it is very inspiring to others who are the first to attend college as well. You’re right, I could totally see this being on posters! One thing I really like about it is the stitch effect that you have around the circle. It looks like a cool boho patch. One thing I suggest tweaking is the font. It looks good, but is almost too “computer generated”. You could maybe go with a font with some movement in it, that way it’s more noticeable and eye-catching. Another thing I would add is some color. We all like to see a little pop so it catches the eye. You could fill the inner circle with a color, or do the arrow and words a certain color too. Other than that, I think your logo looks amazing, and keep up the good work.


  2. I love the fact that this is based on a logo that would be for a first generation organization here on campus, thats awesome. The design is really impressive and I love your thinking behind it about everything, very positive and motivational. One thing I noticed right away was the stitch effect, and I really like it, I think it adds a really nice effect. Something I would suggest is maybe adding more color. I realize you said you did not want it to be too vibrant or have too much going on but maybe even one splash of color or one piece of gradation would really make it more appealing to the eye. Also, I feel like the font might be a bit too large for the whole logo. It seems to overpower it, if it was a bit smaller it might fit in better with the logo. I do really like the font you chose though, it works really well with the other aspects of the logo.


  3. In the first sentence of your description you wrote how you wanted to do something “creative and pleasing to the eye.” I think you did exactly that and I love it. Your design is simple and very well thought out. The stitching you included is a great touch and the arrow is very well put together. The simplicity is very effective and your message is communicated well. This theme you have for your page is really inspiring! Some things I would suggest improving on would be color and adding something to spice things up. I think adding some color could help display how passionate you are about your topic and make it pop a bit more. Then, I think some texture would be a nice addition. Right now, the piece is repetitive but by the time you are done I think it will be one of the nicest in this class. Good work!


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