Chapter Three: The Rough Draft.


When choosing a college campus, why do people choose to go where they go? Is it the weather? Is it the athletic programs?

In some cases, yes, maybe but for some others, the selection process is more than that.

I chose to do my unit one project as a poster. This would be put up in a building where students who were potentially going to be a student here at Washington State would see it.

The cub or the offices for the advisors in different colleges would be a perfect location.

There are many different elements to it.

The first element I want to point out is the number one. It may be obvious but it stands for being the first to go to college. It is probably the most powerful thing on the poster. It is supposed to catch your eye and start a conversation. The student asks something like, “Why does that poster have a huge one on it? What does it mean?” and that’s a perfect intro into talking about all the amazing things WSU offers first generation students here on campus.

When you look closely, you’ll see the clock tower in the one. This is one of the things Washington State is most known for. I had to take this photo and the photo taking technique was very important because I planned to cut it out using pen tool. It couldn’t be too bright or too dark or else the cut would have looked weird.

To continue on though and speaking of what Washington State University is known for, it is imperative to point out the sunset in the background.  This is my third element. After all, in the very beginning of WSU’s time, the school colors were chosen as pink and blue because of the sunset. I don’t have a nice camera so I had to use my phone. That’s where the reading really helped. Holding the phone right and touching the screen to take the photo produced a better quality photo. I also used the framing technique to capture this great photo.

The last important element to point out is the text. “Be a Coug. Be the First.” Text is so important and I maintained contrast with the background so it would pop. I also used the same font. This statement is inviting while also challenging. More like a, “you won’t” challenge if you will.

Now why am I explaining all of this to you?

The reason is, it’s a story. First generation students are writing their own stories and this poster is telling them they should write it here. It’s welcoming and warm and the colors are inviting. It’s saying, WSU has a story, we have a background and we want to be here to help you write yours.


3 thoughts on “Chapter Three: The Rough Draft.

  1. This poster that you made is super, super cool. To start, I think the idea of your page is really unique, respectable, and something that not a lot of others would think to do. Creating this poster as a source of inspiration for others in the future is an awesome idea. A nice feature that stood out to me was how you added the Bryan Hall clock tower. You nailed this addition by making it look perfectly natural inside the big number one. Your mix of color with black and white looks very nice. A suggestion I could make would be placement of text. Personally, I think its positioning is slightly awkward and can be improved. Something else that I suggest is to make the colors of your background picture pop. The picture has a lot of potential that I think you will easily be able to fill by the time the final draft is due.


  2. I love your design. When looking at this poster, I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it, as well as using elements we learned in tutorials. I love the idea of having this poster around campus to inspire more people to come to Washington State. One area of improvement I can think of, would be to make your text stand out a little more. With a shadow cast where your words lay, they almost blend into each other. You could add a border stroke, or other effect that would make your words stand out. Another improvement you could make would be the placement of your words. They might be better suited in a more plain area, such as the top right corner. I really like your use of layering in the number one. I can tell you worked very hard on that element of the design, and it shows! Overall great job!


  3. First off, I would like to say that I appreciate and agree with the sentiment behind your project; it’s good to encourage more people to further their educations. Now, on to the image.
    The image you use for your background is not only good, it is better than a number of professional photographs I have seen. Though, while I do understand your reasoning in the post, I do find it ironic that you would use an image of a sunset as the background for a poster meant to encourage first generation students. This is not a criticism, just something that amused me.

    While the use of the clock tower in the ‘1’ is an interesting design choice, using it only for the bottom part of the ‘1’ gives the ‘1’ a somewhat weird (for lack of a better term) appearance. It might work better if you included more of the ‘tower’ part of the clock tower in the ‘1’.

    The other problem is the placement of the text. It blends in with the image some where it currently is (especially the shadow under the snow bank). This could be fixed by moving the text up to the top right corner where you have a large amount of negative space. This would also have the effect of giving the text a more prominent place in the image since people’s vision tends to gravitate more toward the top half of an image than the bottom half.


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