Chapter Two. The Image Collection Process.

Now we are getting into the fun part.

I actually have two potential Ideas.

My first idea is to take a picture of a nice scene here at Washington State. Then I want to do a cut out of another building that’s easily recognizable on campus and have it just be a white space and place that above my background scene. I would then have a heading saying something like, “Be a Coug. Be the first.” or something along those lines. The point of this idea would to just promote being a first generation college student here at WSU.

My second idea is to make an informational type of poster.  Being a first generation student, I didn’t really know what to expect when coming to college so this poster’s purpose would be to reach out to students like me to show them examples of stuff they can do at a university. I plan on including more images like someone reading in the library, going to an athletic event, and/or hanging out with friends. This will be kind of similar to the first tutorial we did last week! I want these photos to look like Polaroid pictures laying over the background! The heading of the poster will say something like, “The first of many firsts.”

These images I’ve attached are my potential backgrounds for the second idea.

All of these images attached are images taken by myself.

.project-1-potential-1 project-1-potential-2



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